Shell Foundation and First Light Ventures (First Light) have launched a facility to provide risk capital and business development assistance to seed-stage enterprises that target low income consumers in India. A dedicated local team with strong commercial experience will support selected enterprises to prove their concept and seek the capital necessary to achieve scale.

The First Light India Accelerator (the Accelerator) aims to address a structural gap in the market: start-up enterprises often lack both sufficient financing and meaningful skills support necessary to attract next-stage investors.

The Accelerator Life Cycle

  1. Impact investors and industry leaders refer seed‐stage enterprises to the Accelerator
  2. The Accelerator team and First Light select enterprises for investment
  3. The Accelerator team provides capital and skills support required for proof‐of‐concept.
  4. The enterprise attracts next‐stage investment, at which point the Accelerator will seek a return of its capital to re‐invest in new enterprises.